Dijana Djurickovic · mart, 2018

Dijana Djurickovic is a freelance translator, who studied English Language and French Language at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia, but also possesses the Cambridge ESOL Level 2 Certificate in ESOL International (Council of Europe Level C1); was working with the United Nations mission to Croatia (1996-1998) as translator, secretary, and administrative assistant. After the mission was completed, Dijana Djurickovic was working with the Norwegian Refugee Council in Novi Sad (1998-2004) as translator and administrative assistant. Since 2008, Dijana Djurickovic is working with an Internet magazine, Global Voices (https://globalvoices.org/), as translator and editor. Over the last few years, Dijana has translated the stories and poetry of Serbian writers into English as well as foreign writers into Serbian.

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Most  18/03/2018

Уколико пажљиво прочитате опис њеног карактера, приметићете да за разлику од свог олимпијског колеге, параолимпијска маскота није јасно описана као “атлетски способна”.