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Dijana Djurickovic · jul, 2015

Studied the English language and literature at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia and then started working with the UN mission to Croatia as a translator, but also acquired all the necessary knowledge and experience as an administrative assistant and secretary. When the mission ended in Jan 1998, I came back to Novi Sad where I was working with the Norwegian Refugee Council, as a translator and administrative assistant. Back in October 1998 we were on a business trip and a terrible accident happened on the highway, where I was severely injured, forgot a lot of things, but the English language stayed with me! These days I'm pensioned off and willing to work (and sometimes earn) in subjects that are connected with the English language. Global Voices gives me a chance to practice and improve my translation, and I really enjoy learning different kinds of stories from people from all around the world. These are the news we need to hear.

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